Tenant Representatives

Ceres Nanosciences (Ceres) recently announced its expansion in Prince William County, Virginia. Ceres has rapidly expanded both its staff and its facilities to accommodate the growing demand for the novel Nanotrap® particle platform across the life sciences industry. This technology provides enhanced sample processing capabilities to new and existing diagnostic tests for some of the most challenging diseases and conditions, such as Lyme disease, respiratory diseases, emerging infectious diseases and cancer detection, as well as for improved health and wellness monitoring. Facility Logix is proud to be supporting their ongoing growth, having acted as tenant representatives in the recent expansion, and as consultants for the Prince William Science Accelerator, from which they are graduating.

“Now we’re moving into a commercial-scale production facility that will allow us to be a solutions supplier to global diagnostic companies and major clinical reference labs.”

Ceres CEO, Ross Dunlap

As part of this expansion, Ceres is graduating from the Prince William Science Accelerator and moving into 9,100 square feet of renovated commercial wet lab and office space at 9460 Innovation Drive, Manassas, Virginia. This space is being configured to meet the requirements for commercial-scale production of Nanotrap® particles within a quality-controlled manufacturing facility. Additionally, Ceres is outfitting a portion of the space to house one or more life-sciences industry collaborators with the goal of attracting more emerging biotechnology companies into the growing life sciences community at Innovation Park in Prince William County.

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