The Weapons of Grass Destruction Golf Team Helps Raise Funds in Memory of Fallen Marine.

Every year, Facility Logix participates in this memorable event.  However, this is the first year that a foursome went to support this great cause, “play” golf, and to entertain the other golfers on a gorgeous September 4, 2020.  Our project managers from our North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland offices, took a brief break from area projects show that their game is definitely project management and NOT golf!  Tim Howland, Project Manager; Zack Martinez, Project Manager; Wayne Mitchell, Associate Project Manager; and Phil Grauel, Regional Director of Operations at Maintenance Supply HQ (pitch-hitter for Lynne Cooper, Director of Project Management Services), made up the team.  A great time was had by all, in memory of an extraordinary man and patriot – David Smith.

David Smith was born and raised in Frederick, Maryland.  Growing up, he enjoyed wrestling, lacrosse, football and soccer. He also started a frustrating love affair with golf.  He attended Salisbury College.  He joined the Marine Corps Reserves in 2003, and his first tour of duty was in Iraq, 2006-2007.  After his tour, he returned home and began working on his degree, at East Carolina University, in Distribution and Logistics.  He was to graduate in 2011 but was called back to serve in Afghanistan in 2010. Sergeant David James Smith, US Marine Corp, 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Bravo Company, sustained catastrophic injuries from a suicide bomber on January 23, 2010.  Sgt. Smith was removed from life support and died on January 26, 2010. To honor his life, his family created an annual golf tournament in his name at the Musket Ridge Golf Club in Myersville, Maryland.

The memorial fund (nonprofit, 501(c)3), was founded in 2010 and has raised over $281,000.  The funds support local wounded veterans, those in need within the community, and provides a scholarship to a graduating senior at Sgt. Smith’s alma matter, Frederick High School.  For more information, go to