Life Science Consulting

While much of the world was pausing during the coronavirus pandemic, I was beginning my virtual internship with Facility Logix. Facility Logix is a consulting firm that partners with life science clients – providing owners’ representation, facilities planning, move and transition, project, and operational management. The company also provides marketing, business development, and feasibility studies to companies within the life science field, as well as help guide communities, higher education institutes, and research organization in building their life science ecosystems.

About Me

I am a sophomore at Barnard College, majoring in Sustainability and East Asian Studies, focusing on international relations. I am interested in bridging the gaps between scientific and environmental innovation and international cooperation, especially US-Asia relations. Originally, I was planning to spend the summer in Beijing on my Chinese language studies, but I was fortunate to come into this position at Facility Logix. Through this internship experience, I am learning about project management, working in a business environment, and applying knowledge gained in the classroom to the business world.

Interested in sustainability and science, Facility Logix’s focus on building labs, life science spaces, and promoting the development of biotech throughout the country resonated with me. As an intern, I have assisted on multiple projects: listening and observing meetings with clients and project affiliates. Facility Logix utilizes various tools to manage projects, and I have been learning to maintain databases and their projects’ SharePoint sites. As an intern, I have worked on several life science-focused projects, interacted with, and learned from every member of the Facility Logix team. With every project, I learn more about communication, professionalism, and efficiency.

Site Visits

interning onsite as a life science consultant - wearing hard hatA major benefit of my internship is the opportunity to gain hands-on industry experience. Outfitted in my official Facility Logix hard hat, polo shirt, as well as a mask, I attend site visits at current construction projects and listen to discussions on permitting, equipment delivery, and more. By being on-site, I apply what I observe in meetings as well as use software like PlanGrid to take notes and to track action items. I notice how each project, Facility Logix team member, and tool(s) come together to support the communication, timeline, and success of a project.

While the joys of working in the office are lost, new opportunities have emerged. From the first week, I was welcomed into the Facility Logix fold through weekly Tuesday company-wide GoToMeetings, check in’s with Pat Larrabee, the president, and team lunches. The weekly Tuesday meetings are always a highlight of my week as the whole team attends, even people I might not be working with that week. Every week, a special guest speaker is invited to share more about an aspect of the industry, such as FDA regulations on cGMP facilities, permitting, autoclaves, or pure water systems.

Sometimes things do not happen the way I planned, but I am so grateful for my virtual internship experience with Facility Logix.


Eden Halpert is a rising sophomore at Barnard College.of Columbia University, majoring in East Asian Studies and Environmental Science.  Eden is from Montgomery County, Maryland and is a “virtual intern” at Facility Logix since June 2020.