The Maryland Daily Record published its magazine, Path to Excellence, on May 15, 2017. The magazine insert features profiles of six successful female entrepreneurs and business leaders. Gina Gallucci-White is the author.

Patricia (Pat) Larrabee, president of Facility Logix is featured as a successful business leader. The article highlights women who have started their own businesses ranging from fitness to science and legal and medical research, construction, project management and marketing. Each featured business woman offers words of wisdom to guide women who wish to start their own business. Some of the advice is summarized below:

1. Own it…it’s not the end result, it’s the journey.
2. There are sleepless nights, but if you’ve been doing this over several years, you are doing something right!
3. When mentoring, give words of encouragement and lead by example.
4. Have passion for what you do. When you talk to people, you need to take that passion and verbalize it to people.
5. When women want to start a business, find a mentor to help navigate trouble spots; network with business owners and sign up for continuing education opportunities.
6. Build a business that can sustain ebbs and flows.

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