Owners Representation

What is Owner's Representation?
Facility Logix acts as the “Head Coach” taking on the responsibility for managing all or most aspects of a laboratory or biomanufacturing real estate project on behalf of an Owner – from initial concept development to budget development, from construction to completion, to operational planning and implementation. Critical issues from program requirements, compliance considerations, equipment procurement and integration, aesthetics, and schedule priorities are balanced with budget and business planning considerations.
Who are the customers or users of this service?
Customers range from life science and bio-manufacturing companies and research institutions to real estate owners.
What are examples of owner’s representation?
Services range from augmenting the capacity and capabilities of the Owner’s staff to support the capabilities of a building (research lab, business or technology facility), to working with an Owner to oversee design and construction of a special use building such as a research lab, secured facilities, headquarters or back office; to problem solving and finding balance between the owner’s expectations and project budget and timeline.
Does an Owner’s Representative need to be involved in a project from the very beginning?
Depends on the company and the project. Sometimes Owner’s Representatives get called at the beginning of a project or in the middle. Sometimes Owner’s Representatives help with only certain aspects of a project, for example: asset inventory for valuation, technical lab planning, and lab equipment moves, strategic planning for future expansions, and so forth.
What are the benefits?
We do this every day and there is no learning curve. An Owner can focus on other projects and priorities, leverage their existing staff, and rely on their representative to represent their interest, the timeline, and project budget and trouble-shoot as needed.

Feasibility Studies

What is a Feasibility Study?

Studies usually start with a question or assumption about market conditions associated with the life science industry in a given region or a particular facility, or, an industry driven workforce question. Facility Logix’s research and feasibility work is predicated on sound research, not wishes and hopes.

Who are the customers or users of this service?
Economic development groups, research parks, non-profit institutes, life science and bio manufacturing companies.
What are examples of research and feasibility studies?
States, multi-county regions, counties, and municipalities looking to assess the depth and breadth of the biotech industry in the region and how they can develop a plan to position the region to compete more effectively in the attraction and retention of biotech business and building jobs.
How involved are the clients?
A client can be as involved or not involved as they choose. Typically, clients facilitate introductions to key stakeholders and provide historical information as appropriate for the project. Facility Logix does not conduct its work in a vacuum. We maintain transparency and communication with our clients throughout the entire process. We are typically expected be a contributing member of their decision making discussions. Our recommendations on whether or not to pursue a particular end goal is always backed by sound research, best practices, and realistic recommendations.
What are the benefits?
Facility Logix focuses on the Research and Feasibility study as a priority and facilitates a truly clear-eyed and realistic approach. Major campaigns and decisions must be made by the stakeholders, and having an independent third party helps remove emotional or conflicting interest from the equation. Feasibility studies facilitate the client to make a “Go – No Go” decision on moving forward.

Innovative Facility Marketing Solutions

What is involved with Innovative Facility Marketing Solutions?

Some clients want us to leverage our network for introductions, or prospect for business opportunities and transactions. Other requirements are to qualify opportunities and to facilitate introductions. We prepare marketing plans, marketing budgets, calendars of events, and help align pricing (lease rates, equipment valuation, et cetera) with the area’s market.


Who are the customers or users of this service?
Real estate owners, commercial brokers, and research parks.
What are examples of Business Development & Marketing?
Our Business Development & Marketing projects have had a wide range and include:

Securing a buyer for a cGMP facility; developing a business and marketing plan for a university and a proposed new program to attract new partners, business collaborations, and faculty. We have assisted communities assess their assets and develop a SWOT analysis, a marketing plan and marketing outreach schedule to grow the life science industry in their particular area.

How involved are the clients?
Typically clients and their stakeholders are as involved as they desire. We do ask that they provide historical information as appropriate for the project, as well as access to instrumental team members for input. Facility Logix does not conduct its work in a vacuum and maintains transparency and communication with our clients throughout the entire process.
What are the benefits?
We understand the industry, follow the industry, and have a deep network of global contacts that we mine to develop specific plans that highlight the highest and best use of your property.