Business Development & Marketing

At Facility Logix we leverage our market knowledge, our international network of contacts, and our understanding of the complex life sciences industry to generate client credibility and develop a sound execution of your company’s marketing plans.

Facility Logix’s industry knowledge, extensive network, and market positioning strategies have enabled InterTech Science Park to compete effectively with established biotechnology cluster locations.”

Dennis E. Lower, VP Planning & Development / Director InterTech Science Park
Biomedical Research Foundation of NW Louisiana

Experts in the Business of Science & Innovation

There are significant hurdles to capturing market share and positioning laboratory real estate product to achieve your desired investment returns: a lack of publicly available market information coupled with complicated technical requirements creates a steep learning curve for those businesses new to the life sciences real estate market.

At Facility Logix we leverage our market knowledge, our international network of contacts, and our understanding of the complex life sciences industry to generate client credibility and develop a sound execution of your company’s marketing plans. We will work with you to create a realistic SWOT analysis, a marketing plan, lead generation, the development of collateral materials, as well as identifying potential prospects.

Recent Business Development & Marketing Projects

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation

Facility Logix worked with a local real estate provider to detail the property’s attributes and to evaluate the potential market for a buyer of the building for its highest and best use as a fill-finish site.

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Higgins Development Partners

Higgins Development Partners

Facility Logix provided a detailed report, enabling Higgins to proceed confidently with the federal government tenant negotiation process, as well as the development of comprehensive scenario planning regarding the composition and leasing structure for prospective future building tenants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is involved with Business Development & Marketing?

Facility Logix conducts primary and secondary research, interviews with principal investigators, stakeholders and various assets – matching strength to sector specific needs or contacts. Some clients want us to leverage our network for introductions, prospect for business opportunities and transactions. Other requirements are to qualify opportunities and to facilitate introductions. We prepare marketing plans, marketing budgets, calendars of events, and help align pricing (lease rates, equipment valuation, et cetera) with the area’s market.


Who are the customers or users of this service?

Customers range from life science and bio-manufacturing companies and research institutions to real estate owners, business incubators and technology parks, state, regional and local economic development entities, and non-profits.



What are examples of Business Development & Marketing?

Our Business Development & Marketing projects have had a wide range and include:

Securing a buyer for a cGMP facility; developing a business and marketing plan for a university and a proposed new program as far as attracting partners, business collaborations, and faculty. We have assisted communities assess their assets and develop a SWOT analysis, a marketing plan and marketing outreach schedule to grow the life science industry in their particular area.

How involved are the clients?

Typically clients and their stakeholders are as involved as they desire. We do ask that they provide historical information as appropriate for the project, as well as access to instrumental team members for input. Facility Logix does not conduct its work in a vacuum and maintains transparency and communication with our clients throughout the entire process.

What are the benefits?

Facility Logix focuses on the client’s needs in developing meaningful plans and campaigns. Major campaigns and decisions must be made by the stakeholders, and having an independent third party enables the client to deal with the day to day operations of the business as we focus on ways to increase their market share via lead generation, identifying potential prospects, and conducting the actual execution of a marketing plan or strategy.

Our Business Development & Marketing Process

Phase 1: Establish Value Proposition

Conduct PI interviews
Generate asset profiles
Match strengths to sector-specific news feeds
Evaluate conference & meeting matches
Align message with value proposition

Phase 2: Prospect Mining

Leverage network
Arrange introductions
Real-time matching based on prospect needs
Set meetings & tours
Qualify opportunities
Prospect communication

Phase 3: Convert Prospects to Tenants

Determine space needs
Determine timeline & budget
Align pricing with marketing comps
Determine applicable incentives

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