Owner’s Representation

Property owner or tenant services range from oversight of financial and real estate interests to business goals and objectives. Facility Logix provides site selection, design, planning, construction, commissioning, and compliance/validation of a laboratory or bio-manufacturing/bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing project.

“Facility Logix worked with the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute (VGTI-FL) from the earliest conceptual stage of our new facility before we even had any staff in Florida. Their knowledge of laboratory facility requirements is extensive and proved critical to the success of our project.”

John Schatzle

We Represent your Business Interests

Capital projects are expensive and risky. With labs and bio-manufacturing facilities, technical complexities and compliance requirements add to the challenge as well as the cost. At Facility Logix, we understand the delivery process for development and construction of these facilities, and the science and business the facility is designed to deliver.

We make it our business to understand your science and your business objectives.

We are experts at leading and managing multi-disciplinary teams through site selection, planning, design, construction, and move-in. We allow you to broaden your resources with project-specific expertise in the construction and delivery of lab and bio-manufacturing buildings. You can focus on the big picture while we handle the day-to-day activities—enabling you to sleep easy with the knowledge that your project meets planned objectives for budget, performance, and schedule.

Recent Owner’s Representation Projects



United Therapeutics Corporation (UT) sought to design and develop the first full service Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion (EVLP) Center in the United States. Time to market was critical for the delivery of the building for initiating US clinical trials.

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Facility Logix worked with IBT and its real estate representation team to evaluate options for its new facility. We are currently overseeing the design, engineering and build-out of the new facility that will open in September 2016.

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United Therapeutics

United Therapeutics

Facility Logix provided supplemental real estate expertise focusing on UT projects with significant technical and regulatory components.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Owner's Representation?

Facility Logix acts as a “quarterback” taking on the responsibility for managing all or most aspects of a laboratory or biomanufacturing real estate project on behalf of an Owner – from initial concept development to budget development, from construction to completion, to operational planning and implementation. Critical issues from program requirements, compliance considerations, equipment procurement and integration, aesthetics, and schedule priorities are balanced with budget and business planning considerations.

Who are the customers or users of this service?

Customers range from life science and bio-manufacturing companies and research institutions to real estate owners.

What are examples of owner’s representation?

Services range from augmenting the capacity and capabilities of the Owner’s staff to support the capabilities of a building (research lab, business or technology facility), to working with an Owner to oversee design and construction of a special use building such as a research lab, secured facilities, headquarters or back office; to problem solving and finding balance between the owner’s expectations and project budget and timeline.

Does an Owner’s Representative need to be involved in a project from the very beginning?

Depends on the company and the project. Sometimes Owner’s Representatives get called at the beginning of a project or in the middle. Sometimes Owner’s Representatives help with only certain aspects of a project, for example: asset inventory for valuation, technical lab planning, and lab equipment moves, strategic planning for future expansions, and so forth.

What are the benefits?

An Owner can focus on other projects and priorities, leverage their existing staff, and rely on their representative to represent their interest, the timeline, and project budget and trouble-shoot as needed.

Our Process

Phase 1: Define Requirement

End-user meetings
Compliance needs
Adjacency needs
Logistic/operational needs
Schedule requirements
Financial requirements

Phase 2: Secure Site

Develop & issue RFP
Site tours
Conduct test fits
Determine financial parameters
Evaluate options
Select site

Phase 3: Implement

Assemble team
Generate contracts
Manage design & construction
Manage & coordinate move in
Manage prior location close-out

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