Research & Feasibility

The Facility Logix team provides in-depth market and data research, analysis, economic development and business development strategies for public, private, and non-profit clients. We help our clients determine if a potentially successful project, plan or business initiative is feasible.

“Facility Logix has worked with the Mann Research Center and affiliated entities on several projects to develop complex business strategies and models for relocation and expansion efforts. We have used their models to secure significant economic incentives and to evaluate a variety of strategic options. Each time we are treated as though we are their only client. Their work product is exemplary.”

John Del Russo
Mann Research Center

Experts in the research and innovation community

Developing an economic development strategy is predicated on sound research, not wishes and hopes. Today’s economy demands a data-driven analysis that is forward-thinking and built upon regional strengths.

For regionally specific strategies with a life-science, bio-pharmaceutical, or innovation focus, you want a firm that understands the industry, what’s working in nearby jurisdictions, and what can be tailored to leverage local assets.

At Facility Logix, we conduct research aimed at identifying your strengths. We  determine which target sectors make the most sense. We develop an execution strategy facilitated by tools we identify for your specific needs: incentives, programs, resources, collaborations, marketing collaterals, real estate resources, social networking channels, and virtual facility plans. Our understanding of the research and innovation community is based on the completion of more than twenty assignments in less than a decade, and we apply our expertise to meeting your specific needs.

Recent Research & Feasibility Projects

John Hopkins University Fast Forward

John Hopkins University Fast Forward

Johns Hopkins FastForward business accelerator program sought to understand Baltimore City, regional and statewide lab space market dynamics to guide the design of its planned 1812 Ashland incubator

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Innovation Alliance of Baltimore

Innovation Alliance of Baltimore

Facility Logix conducted research that helped the Alliance better understand the needs of the Baltimore innovation community, identify impediments to success, and develop invigoration strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Feasibility Study?

Facility Logix conducts primary and secondary research, reviews existing plans, and assess and/or develop a budget that substantiates or modifies a client’s assumptions, and those of their stakeholders. Typically a market analysis is conducted to assess the existing market, identify gaps and provide modifications or recommendations. Recommendations on ways forward are also provided. Facility Logix’s research and feasibility work are predicated on sound research, not wishes and hopes.

Who are the customers or users of this service?

Customers range from life science and bio-manufacturing companies and research institutions to real estate owners, business incubators and technology parks, state, regional and local economic development entities, and non-profits.

What are examples of research and feasibility studies?

Our Feasibility projects range from developing a strategy facilitated by tools we identified as an economic or business development “tool kit” such as incentives, educational and training programs, business and networking resources, collaborations, marketing collateral, and real estate. Some projects require an outline of capital requirements for a specific project (a facility, research lab(s), and startup costs for manufacturing or scale up growth, SWOT analysis, lease development and screening potential tenants.

How involved are the clients?

A client can be as involved or not involved as they choose. Typically, clients facilitate introductions to key stakeholders and provide historical information as appropriate for the project. Facility Logix does not conduct its work in a vacuum. We maintain transparency and communication with our clients throughout the entire process. We are typically expected be a contributing member of their decision making discussions. Our recommendations on whether or not to pursue a particular end goal is always backed by sound research, best practices, and realistic recommendations.

What are the benefits?

Facility Logix focuses on the Research and Feasibility study as a priority and facilitates a truly clear-eyed and realistic approach. Major campaigns and decisions must be made by the stakeholders, and having an independent third party helps remove emotional or conflicting interest from the equation. Feasibility studies facilitate the client to make a “Go – No Go” decision on moving forward.

Our Research & Feasibility Process

Phase 1: Define Objectives

Kick-off meeting
Identify stakeholders
identify bounds of study
Determine factors to evaluate
Balance economic gardening/business attraction needs
Obtain baseline reports

Phase 2: Conduct Research

Access location assets
Conduct interviews & focus groups
Indirect research
Peer market identification and outreach
Site visits

Phase 3: Analyze & Set Strategy

Organizational & technical assessment
Best practice alignment
Sector-specific recommendations
Implementation budget & schedule
Final report

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