Site selection and lab or bio-manufacturing facility development seems to involve a cast of thousands. Each firm has a defined role, though all of them have internal project managers, and all of them claim to be client advocates. How can you be sure that your interests as the Owner remain the primary driver of project success?

So What Is An Owner’s Representative?

The Owner’s Representative is your consultant, advisor, and advocate throughout the entire project, assisting you in bringing other team members on board, defining each team member’s scope of work, seeking gaps in understanding, identifying and mitigating risks and elevating and resolving issues that arise during the project. The Owner’s Representative is an extension of you, with years of background and experience on similar projects, adding to your bandwidth, expanding your body of knowledge, broadening your analytical capacity, and extending your network and access to proven service providers and consultants. The Owner’s Representative implements and monitors project controls, particularly financial controls, that enable the Owner to review at a high level and into the weeds if necessary with full transparency.

We are the Client’s primary interface with the design and engineering team the contractor, equipment manufacturers, commissioning vendor, validation provider, network and IT integrators, environmental consultants, and security firms. In many instances we assist before the design and engineering team start by generating preliminary programs and narrative requirements that guide the site selection process and selecting tools and service providers right-sized for your requirement.

We do not have a pre-conceived idea of how your project will play out. Rather, we listen to you, and adapt our methodology to meet your specific internal and external needs.


  1. We have the direct, industry-specific experience you need.
  2. We represent you and put your interests first.
  3. We apply lessons learned from prior life science and biopharmaceutical projects to your project helping you obtain competitive pricing, avoid mistakes, identify cost savings measures, mitigate risks, realize incentives and tax credits, and obtain the required licenses and inspections vital for occupancy and compliant operation.
  4. We know which specialty consultants are needed for your project and integrate their activities fully with the architect, engineer, and contracting team and the end-user experts within your organization.
  5. We free up your time to focus on your core business.

You really can be two places (sometimes more!) at once!

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