Cost Advisory

From conception to completion, stay informed and in control.

Your innovation/life sciences project is breaking new ground in every sense of the word, and that requires both insight and foresight in the coordination of complex decisions involving factors such as equipment, technology, and research goals. FLGX’s expert cost advising lays the foundation for the success of your project and provides the end-to-end budgetary infrastructure to maintain momentum, stability, and integrity across your entire construction process. Accurate advice and estimating allows your project to start strongly and build strategically and to respond with the greatest agility to challenges and opportunities that arise.

Rely on across-the-board experience and expertise for accuracy and foresight.
FLGX’s deeply diverse expertise and experience in every aspect of facility construction assures fruitful support and guidance that spans your project lifecycle. We are a partner who understands the science of what you do and your space and equipment needs, and we can offer sound advice on acquisition, installation, and operation. We also offer industry-leading expertise in the engineering, construction, and development of projects like yours, including the assessment of market conditions.

“Life sciences projects change the world and advance the human condition. Budgeting shouldn’t slow them down. We apply our comprehensive and cross-disciplinary expertise to a collaborative work process that moves the project forward deliberately and with deliberate speed.” - Dawn Griffin, Facility Logix

VALUE PROPOSITION: FLGX allows your organization to leverage your budget for maximum impact, while enjoying greater ease and control throughout the project lifecycle. Your organization can stay on top of innovation, while we help you stay on top of your budget.