Design / Build Subject Matter Expertise

Create the innovation environment for tomorrow—functional, inspiring, with lower operating costs.

Empower your organization’s innovation with an environment conceptualized and created to fully support your mission and your people, an environment that facilitates and inspires productivity while lowering overhead costs, all with a process that offers single-point ease. With our specialized expertise, FLGX can assist your enterprise in fully leveraging the significant benefits of the design/build option.

We understand what makes for an immersive innovation environment because we are immersed in the life sciences field. We are:

Fluent in the evolving technical and regulatory requirements for lab design. FLGX offers the cross-disciplinary expertise to follow through in creating an environment conducive to innovation and productivity and that lowers overhead costs. FLGX provides guidance in:

  • Optimizing workflow and environmental health through appropriate ergonomics and adaptable space
  • Designing and delivering spaces that support collaboration, creativity, and worker satisfaction

Ready to create highly successful designs for any setting. FLGX is your optimum collaborative partner, whether your project is an academic setting where transfer of knowledge is key, a corporate industrial setting where rapid commercialization is the goal, or where a diverse product line and multi-modal manufacturing may be the norm.

“Our clients consistently amaze us with the speed and brilliance with which they are answering tomorrow’s needs. Design/build is often the ideal choice for them, and FLGX offers the kind of transparent, collaborative process that assures the utmost quality, while allowing our clients to proceed with speed and confidence.” - Howard Chapman, Facility Logix


VALUE PROPOSITION: FLGX offers the agile expertise to shepherd your project to an exceptionally successful completion and beyond, all with single-point ease.