Facility Assessment

Determine full potential, imagine possibilities, with assessment from every angle.

Maximum facility performance, maximum facility longevity, maximum facility value—a holistic assessment by FLGX is your assurance of all three. Our comprehensive, integrated evaluation covers the complete scope of conditions and needs including:

  • Evolving research, technical, and compliance requirements for your facility’s specific location.
  • Electricity, water, natural gas, and internet, including rates, capacity, and capability, which all have a significant impact on your facility’s technical operations and its operating cost. Understanding the quality and opportunity to upgrade allows your enterprise to gain the most longevity and growth from the facility.
  • Pertinent market conditions like lease rates, operational costs, and predicted life remaining on existing improvement, all of which impact the improvement schedules and budget.
  • Facility limitations which inform the “make vs. buy” analysis and which guide our assistance in equipment evaluation and procurement.

“Independence and integrity are two reasons clients trust us with projects like facility assessment. They know we have only one compelling focus—to discover and share what’s best for their facility and their organization.” - Sarah Champine, Facility Logix


VALUE PROPOSITION: FLGX opens greater possibilities for more productive facility usage.