Facility Divestment and Repositioning

Mobilize at speed. Realize the greatest opportunity.

The ever-evolving life sciences are changing the world every day. No other industry moves as rapidly or with greater impact. Your divestment/repurposing project also needs to move forward with speed and impact, toward a conclusion that allows your organization to reap the greatest benefit. At FLGX, our cross-disciplinary expertise includes a more focused and applicable understanding of the life sciences industry. In turn, this knowledge informs and guides a facility assessment that identifies all available possibilities of repurposing and divestment through:

  • In-depth SWOT analysis.

  • A regional, local, and national contact network. This helps FLGX raise your facility’s profile and to identify an advantageous match for the purchase of your facility.

  • Compelling messaging. At FLGX, our life sciences knowledge and expertise allows us to translate industry and technical requirements into comprehensible and compelling messaging for the widest possible pool of prospects.

“As a facility reaches the end of its life cycle, decisions need to be made quickly, followed by strategic action. FLGX relieves the burden of divestment and repurposing, opening the bandwidth for our client to move on to future research and/or clinical needs.” - Pat Larrabee, Facility Logix

VALUE PROPOSITION: The right buyer at the right time. Let FLGX help you move your facility at the speed of innovation.