Facility Startup

A flourishing facility starts with an experienced, knowledgeable, and dedicated partner.

Today, your facility is a collective vision, one that represents your core mission and values and your goals and hopes for the future. Bringing that vision to thriving reality requires a partner with technical knowledge and insight into your organization’s operational and long-term goals as well as the foresight to realize those goals through a strategically executed facility startup. 

As your dedicated, diligent, and knowledgeable partner, FLGX assures your organization of:

  • Comprehensive market analysis that includes supply and demand and feasibility. Our cross-disciplinary expertise spans economic development and life sciences, as well as real estate and the construction process—expertise that guides best practices from startup through ribbon-cutting and far beyond.

  • Lab design, equipment, and operations designed to best-practices standards, thanks to our in-depth knowledge and experience in life sciences.

  • Realization of long-term goals, not only for the facility but for your enterprise/organization as well.

  • Comprehensive project management services, from conception through commissioning and validation.

“For our clients, facility startup can be one of the most exciting projects they undertake. At FLGX, we make sure not only does the startup produce an outcome beyond their expectations, but also that the journey from conception to completion is rewarding. We love the passion our clients feel for their work, and we understand how to assist with a facility startup that fuels that passion.” - Sean Stone, Facility Logix

VALUE PROPOSITION: FLGX brings a strong economic and technical foundation to facility startup, with comprehensive project management that provides the momentum to realize client goals effectively and cost efficiently.

Let’s connect now: We’re happy to help, regardless of whether we’re under contract. Let’s assure the best outcome for your project!