Project Feasibility Studies

Successful innovation/life sciences projects produce robust multiplier effects, sparking dynamic synergies and economic growth while strengthening the regional and community fabric. At FLGX, our specialized expertise in both economic development and life sciences, together with our extensive experience working with the research and innovation community, equips us to understand every project in context to imagine more possibilities.

“When our clients envision their spaces, they see great things. We do, too. We see opportunity and we know how to help our clients realize that opportunity. Because where other companies see a project, we see myriad possibilities. The key is specialization across areas and disciplines and real passion for what our clients do and for the ways we can assist them.” - Emily Ratzlaff, Facility Logix

 More key advantages:

  • Proven results + extensive experience. In choosing Facility Logix, your organization can proceed with confidence, relying on our proven track record. In less than a decade, we have completed more than 30 successful projects for clients including municipal entities, economic development and trade organizations, academic institutions, entrepreneurs, and others. See our case studies.

  • Research + roadmaps. We can help your organization envision all the possibilities of your project; we can also identify all the possible pathways to success. Our in-depth market research includes supply and demand and feasibility along with detailed reporting. And our research can be conducted turnkey or in collaboration, whatever works most efficiently for your organization. We also provide deliverables that move your project forward—expert recommendations and a road map of actionable steps including target sectors and execution strategies, which we support through a broad range of available assistance.

  • Strategic depth of service for existing space and facilities. It may be that your project involves a facility to be repurposed; in such cases FLGX is prepared to evaluate that location’s readiness through our Facility Assessment.


VALUE PROPOSITION: FLGX identifies both your organizational and project strengths and helps your team to imagine the possibilities of a particular space/opportunity and to realize those possibilities to the fullest.