Project Management

Let us produce transformative project outcomes while you focus on critical mission results.

Your project vision is expansive; your time and energy are limited. FLGX’s deeply resourced, specialized project management realizes your vision to greatest effect, identifying and creating opportunities that arise during the project lifecycle, driving the project toward the highest quality outcome at lower costs.

While allowing your organization to reap the greatest project benefit, our intuitive work process also frees up your focus and resources to concentrate on your core mission.

Key differentiator: Relevant, diverse, cross-disciplinary experience and knowledge. Our expertise extends across every aspect of design, construction, regulatory issues, and real estate. And, importantly, our expertise extends to pertinent scientific and clinical drivers, yielding transformative results.

“The pace of innovation in the life sciences is astonishing and gratifying. And our clients know that as a trusted partner, FLGX is also continuously evolving and adding to our knowledge and skills, so that our project management represents best practices and state-of-the-art knowledge across the board.” - David Laydon, Facility Logix

Transformative impact from project inception through completion. In fact, the earliest stages are often the time when the greatest gains can be made in lowering costs and raising the operational effectiveness of the facility, whether defining requirements and design needs, selecting partners and suppliers, site selection, or engineering to reduce operational overhead and enhance infrastructure lifecycle. Your enterprise can rely on FLGX for:

  • Accurate estimates through technical and construction expertise and knowledge of market conditions

  • Capital planning and budget approvals

  • Clear communications and project definition

  • Document management and operational requirements

  • Schedule and cost controls leveraging an extensive project database and experience that counts

VALUE PROPOSITION: Let FLGX help your enterprise define your goals at the earliest stages for outcomes that go beyond the ordinary to realize your vision. We can assure that the execution of your project proceeds smoothly and with the greatest ease and that the journey from concept to completion is rewarding in every way, now and well into the project’s future.

Let’s connect now: We’re happy to help, regardless of whether we’re under contract. Let’s assure the best outcome for your project!